Pipe Dreams

$ 29.95


STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Aaron Garrett, Carey Lexes, Casper Wats, Fernando Kruz, Lucky Taylor, Mike Gate, Nico Sideropolus, Thomas Lee, and Tom Hawai

Four sexy fantasies end up being the hot wet dreams of the stars in the latest film from Danny Ray.

Aaron is in his bedroom jacking off alone when he hears some noise coming from the next room. When he goes to investigate he finds Carey doing the same thing. The two young studs take turns sucking one another off until they both shoot their loads. Still not satisfied Aaron and Carey take turns fucking one another and don’t stop until they both cum again. Back in his bedroom Aaron is in bed and has been dreaming the whole time. He’s already rock hard and without having to touch his cock, it erupts and shoots a creamy load all over his smooth stomach.

Casper is sleeping when he wakes up to find Tom sitting across the room jacking off. He can’t resist the chance to suck on Tom’s rock hard dick and quickly wraps his lips around him. Casper doesn’t stop sucking until Tom has shot his load. With Tom satisfied for the moment, he beats off and blows his own load. Tom offers his ass up for a fucking and Casper is more than eager to fill his smooth hole. Casper fucks the cum out of Tom, but Tom isn’t finished yet. He takes Casper over to a sofa and fucks his friend until they both shoot again. Casper wakes up and realizes the whole thing was a dream, but he is still horny and jacks his cock until he shoots his creamy goo all over his chest and stomach.

Lucky and Mike are naked and making with their hard dicks rubbing against one another. They suck each other until they shoot and then Lucky starts to rim Mike’s smooth ass. Mike throws his legs over his shoulders so Lucky can get his tongue deep in his hole. With his own big cock in his face, Mike starts sucking himself off while Lucky continues to rim him. With Mike’s ass lubed up with spit, Lucky buries his cock deep in the smooth hole. Lucky keeps on fucking Mike, who is still sucking himself off at the same time. The horny boys go at it until they both shoot their loads. Lucky wakes up from the dream just in time to see himself spray cum all over his stomach.

Nico is sleeping in a loft when he hears some noise downstairs. When he looks down to the first floor to see what’s going on he catches Fernando and Thomas sucking each other off. Fernando and Thomas both shoot their loads and it pushes Nico over the edge. He blows his wad and quickly joins the guys downstairs for more sucking and rimming. The three end up in a three way fuck chain and after changing positions the boys screw each other until they all shoot their loads. Back in his bed, Nico is dreaming about the fantasy three-way and his cock explodes, shooting cum on his smooth body. The young stud smiles contently and then drifts back to sleep…

KEYWORDS: Rimming, International, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, and Jock

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